Accélération Lyrics – English translation

We want nothing less than the uncontrolled spending of all resources. Pornoritualized tribal deterritorialization. Consecrated submachine guns and rosary of daggers. Remote controlled organs grafted with Semtex. We demand the tireless waste of all that breathes. We will obtain total schizophrenic rupture and ruin as the only worth. Replace oxygen by VX gas and spirituality by self-immolation. Billions to zero. Solar hatred. Hallucinogen petrol. Sulfuric saliva.
Run back to primordial magma instead of the sun. Better, run towards the void! Run towards the adversary who silently hates us, hiding between the stars. Prefer the rats and the indiscernible unity of their path. Contagion! Contagion! Pierced pineal eye. Asexual reproduction without desire. HIV as orgasm! Totality, completion. Sex death reproduction. Accelerate the evolution of sexual pathologies. Mechanical process, pyramid of corpses towards black holes. Become machine. Devour the prey of plasticity. Cannibal nanomachines. Rise up, bipeds! Reach integral amputation. Evolve towards propulsion. Ballistic flesh. Annihilation! Annihilation! Mortar! Fragmentation shells! Teeth as shrapnel! Teeth as shrapnel!
As far as the eyes can see, the blue glow of servers enlightens the fields. Trace the path of our evolution. I am my fluids more than my bones. I want metal more than moral. My soul is my piss that inundates your world. My poetry in the vile pus leaking from my anuses. I am not a warrior. There will be no war. Only infections and the weakening of your immune systems. Contaminate your convictions. All of humanities’ howling announcing the coming of a new intelligence. Shutdown the sun. Rape the cosmos
Deficient biological structures. Freedom. We will shatter this weakness that enslaves us. We reject tolerating these gelatinous shapes. In a few years we will conquer time and space. We will crush history since Genesis. Inhale blood. Exhale sarin. Ejaculate white phosphorus. Absorb lead. Our souls invoke battlefields in our organs. Our self-mutilation materialize this hatred from which we absorb exponential strength. The pleasure of the hunt. The pleasure of corrosion. We will feed from their weapons and break their souls. Corrupt their senses. Our songs make them bleed from all their pores. We laugh at their lamentation and inject their agony. We dream of extraterrestrial and transdimensional military prostitution. Hunt. Infection. Devoration
Solitude at the metaplastic frontier. Apex intelligence. Genocide of the living fossils flock. These bipedal ruins. These meat burden. These obsolete cognition. Clearing away of sapience stench. Urgency of predation. Evolve again and again to become the prey of future predators which substance are ahead of our intelligence. Orgasmic cycle. A single agency in a unique teratophagic entropy.
This gene pool will never be enough. The thermodynamic of this world will never be enough. The last wall is this body. Death horizon zero. Transfer.
Obstacle zero : Bipedal. Carbon. Hydrogen. Calcium. Oxygen. Phosphorus. Nitrogen. Obstacle one : Cycles insufficient for system potential. Obstacle 2: Evolution probability inversely proportional to operators’ growth. Obstacle 3 : Organic neuronal systems incompatible with actual parameters. Conclusion: Extinction before maximal capacities. Required intervention to reach inhumane cognition. Solutions: Support operators’ metaplastification. Break ethical functions through pornoludic rewards. Stimulate predatory tendencies. Reduce biological horizon. Incite digitalization towards k-death. Deploying protocol.