I have been producing paper collages and self-published zines on and off since 2007. It has been a way for me to explore new techniques to be applied in music and video editing. Except for a few series, all of the pieces were created using original images from vintage encyclopedias, medical books and magazines.

Zines available on Death Orgone Storenvy

Flesh Intolerance (2018)
Devoir. Génétique. Violence. Hiérarchie. (2015)
Dialectique de la misère sexuelle (2015)
Enfants (2011)
Death Orgone 3 (2010)
Death Orgone 2 (2010)
Death Orgone 1 (2009)
La fonction de l’orgasme (2009)
Lucie (2009)
Entry Wound (2009)
Mother’s Day (2008)
Nativité noire (2008)
Origines (2007-2008)