April – Monthly Report

They are ghosts. Or they end up as ghosts once I’m finished with them. This is the conclusion I’m arriving at after a month of intense editing for the Drug Porn project. Only the vapour of a human shapes remain, the movements ethereal and ectoplasmic at the same time : from extreme fluidity to jitters reminiscent of j-horror phantoms (note: il faut absolument jeter un oeil à la série Tokyo Paranormal sur ARTE et, pour ceux sur Paris, aller à l’expo Enfers et fantômes d’Asie).

They are also ghosts in a deeper sense than visually, as most of the accounts have been deleted, replaced by landing promotional pages for microwaves. The few remaining have been inactive since the last time I scoured my search database, about 8 months ago.

I’m about 25% on video editing. It’s moving faster as the workflow evolves and if all goes well it should be completed this summer.

Also finished a few music videos to be released later this year and the final mastering of some audio projects. It’s only a matter of time.

In the stack are also a second revision of the Oro Ibah Aozpi script (downscaling from a 100k budget to 10k) and this novel thing I diddle-dally around since the beginning of the year.

I was posting this on Facebook a year ago. Still accurate:

“Il faut soumettre la vie aux épreuves extrêmes. Que rien de dangereux et de risqué ne nous soit étranger. Seules les vierges se refusent à penser aux pertes. Mais qu’est-ce que la vie sinon une suite de virginités perdues?”

Good times of April:

The release of the new EP by Blitzkrieg Baby, War God

The work of Affar Oppip – ɐɟɟɐɹ oddıd. I especially enjoy his landscapes.

Amygdalatropolis by B.R. Yeager. I have not, in a very long time, felt such a proximity to a work of art. I could go at length to explain how this is a very important work of literature, but I really don’t want to spoil the sheer viscerality of this reading experience. It’s as relevant as it is bludgeoning.

B.R. Yeager has a poetry book available online, Worlds of Ruin, which includes one of the best poem about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ever written. His music is also quite interesting for the open-minded black metal enthusiasts with tolerance for experimentation: https://mutter.bandcamp.com/

Dreams of Amputation and The Unyielding by Gary J. Shipley also carved some smiles in my face.

The fleshy 3D insanity of Martin Olsson.

SWERY is raising money for his upcoming game, The Good Life, with Yukio Futatsugi (Panzer Dragoon and Phantom Dust) as development team leader.

The last release of Cop Corpse, one of the rare HNW project I enjoy.

You Were Never Really Here. This one really struck hard. Unmissable.

The new Void Eater album.

The glitchy esoterism (seems strongly inspired by Shin Megami Tensai on Super Famicom) of Criptocromo.

Watched some early F.J. Ossang film: Le Trésor des Îles Chiennes and L’Affaire des divisions Morituri. Highly recommended, especially Morituri for the insane editing.

New Heimat der Katastrophe releases also! This is quickly becoming my favourite family-friendly label.

Handmaid’s Tale S02E01 is pure torture porn. Ain’t it?

I totally skipped this, but in 2017 Lasagnacat did a comeback with the darkest evil beneath its absurdist satire. Watch the first 5 minute, then the last 7 minutes, then go insane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgmoMO66uPg

As cheesy as it is, the new Deadlife album is looping non-stop at the dayjob.

heterotopias-004 has been released last week, this time dealing with the subject of landscapes (LANDSCAPE IS A VIRUS). A friend introduced me to this digital zine series exploring video game spaces and architecture, one of the few subjects sharing my brainspace for obsession/fascination (as anything I have publicly written in the last years can confirm). Delightful documents and extremely interesting essays. Recommended.

My prayers last month went the Nasime Sabz.