CRPS – Document 2: Invasion/Retaliation

Audio shelling for Kali Yuga satyrs. Inspired by the People’s Republic of China and Deleuze.
Raw power electronics. Quebec. Soundtrack of autonomous ballistic sadism, architectural logic of torture and soteriological fanaticism.
Featuring members of Un Regard Froid, Maussade, Hyena Hive and Profane Order.

Inextinguishable Fire, Harun Farocki
Psychoarchitectural Breach
Torture In Saydnaya Prison, Forensic Architecture
Landscape Hacking
Meltdown, Nick Land
Human Germline Modification
Collapse and the Technosphere with Dmitry Orlov, Hermitix
Slaughter Geometry
The IRA Speak. Unknown
Economy Of Violence
Actes de résistance. Gilles Deleuze