Indie Games Reviews – 02/03/2021

This short horror game, while being strongly derivative of Silent Hill, as some surprising tricks up its sleeves. Strong contender for best use of “mannequin” horror.
Forgotten Tunnels 3 by LostBullet –
The bar was high after the second episode and while 3 does not reach the insanity of the previous iteration’s climax, it’s still a very strong entry with amazing setpieces and architectural ideas.
Intergalactic Wizard Force by Powerhoof –
The only problem here: it’s too short. This is Lucasart golden era of point’n’click level of brilliance.
Interminal by nothke –
It’s all in the description: wander an endless airport and shop perfumes with repulsive (or not?) description. I do miss airport. This helped.
Maps of the Known World by Joey Schutz –
A must-play if fascinated by archives and home movies (which is my case). A gorgeous and unique typing game.
Megalith by Nikita Kryukov –
Just download and go with the flow, an excellent visual novel about the End.
Midnight Cartridge by Kultisti –
Sometime it doesn’t take much to generate a piercing sense of dread. Great visual style and kudos to Sulo for the amazing sound design.
Play Alone by TheMinusel –
It may seem amateurish but actually, it’s part of the “belching charm” of it all.
Randompunk by alxgrade –
I actually had more fun with this than with Cyberpunk 2077.
Welcome Home by anactualskeleton –
This was excellent on all level and I can’t wait for the sequel. The art style and unique SCPesque twist are brilliantly executed and it compels you to explore and dig further. A must-play.

D4: After enduring the fiasco that was Deadly Premonition 2, the fact this episodic project will not be continued is depressing. The sense of humor of Swery is at its peak while maintaining an enticing mystery

Watch Dogs Legion: I mentioned in a previous post my appreciation of certain missions, but in the end it’s a Black Mirror Episode written by a high-school activist who secretly beat up prostitutes in GTA.
The Stanley Parable: I had this game in queue for years and finally took the time to play it. I confirm what you already know: it’s clever and funny