Indie Games Reviews 11 – 08/24/2021

Down to Birth by TheMinusel –

TheMinusel is slowly but surely crafting a unique approach of surreal and visceral interactive body horror. If certain of their first creations were often clumsy, this one is absolutely on point and genuinely thorough in its vision. 

Dying of Thirst by Pizza Party –

It is wonderful to live in a world where every and all specific phobia can be mediated by video games.

Map and Mookerz by Lilith Zone –  

Two beautiful spatial experiences which reminded me of that Lil Ugly Mane song – Grave within a grave… Eerie, charming and hypnotic, giving you the sense something secret is concealed beneath the textures (there is).

Silence of the Universe by FelisArmis-

Brilliant in its simplicity as a game and as a fiction. Highly recommended to all sci-fi aficionados.

The Navidson Record by toothmonster –

It’s hard not to enjoy an adaptation of House of Leaves, as brutally short as it is. The JRPEG aesthetic works surprisingly well. Next step – an infinite procedurally generated maze.

Visitor by cursedROM –

cursedROM managed to create an ambiance as distressing as it is soothing. The closest I felt of what limbo could actually consist of.

Blue Sunday by Dukebot –

Sadness, and incredible art and music, will prevail.

Osteotic Bypass by From Smiling –

I read Spinal Catastrophism : A Secret History by Thomas Moynihan recently. This game would be the perfect companion, especially for all who work from home on vertebra-displacing chairs.

Also completed Paradise Killer on Switch. The character design from this game was and is still checking all my personal cases for « repulsive ». Raving reviews from individuals whose opinions I respect made me try it and I was instantly hooked. It’s less « Obra Dinn » investigation than « Look/Run Everywhere », which was a little disappointing, but the vaporwavish environment and openly Suda51 « Kill the past » interface enthralled me. The plot and proposed world are beyond deranged – especially the items description worthy of Bloodborne.