Indie Games Reviews 35 – 08/04/2023

C.H.A.I.N.G.E.D. by papercookies –

This follow-up to the brilliant collective game collection C.H.A.I.N. offers a unique design collaboration approach. This time amplified by diverging paths, the cadavre exquis sequencing of assets and narrative direction really highlights how video games can be a surrealist artistic framework in themselves. Experiences are uneven, but always exciting to dig in, with heavy hitters such as Modus Interactive, Autumn Rain and others.

Dämmerung by Gabriel Helfenstein –

Exceptionally brutal and thought-provoking. Best experienced without further details.

Young Street by Werecus –

Alchemicpunk Yume Nikki with exceptional style and substance. Loved the animation and the weird dreams.

Zetatech XPR by Eyes8atelier –

A weird OS with uncanny functionality and haunted software. A delight of design and technomancy.

Sine(s) by Eyes8atelier –

Escalated analog horror with a dash of disaster genre. The slowly building tension accentuates the unique visual design.


Deathloop (PC) – This is the first AAA I played in years, and I was not disappointed. Brilliantly written with fantastic lore and a retrofuturistic style blending The Prisoner (1967) with Fallout New Vegas. Like all major games, it has many frustrating game-crashing bugs, but the rogue-lite approach helps avoid ragequitting. I usually avoid online mechanics, but here it works perfectly. Unfortunate that it didn’t get more traction.

Midnight Castle Succubus DX (PC)– Came for the hentai and stayed for a solid Metroidvania experience with fun bosses and mechanics.

Postal: Brain Damaged (PC) – I picked that up hoping for a bit of trashy nostalgia, got a broken boomer shooter I uninstalled after one level.

Zombie Raid (Pandora Box) – I just got the lightguns from Retroshooter, and they work like a charm. The first game I completed was this on-rail shooter I had never heard of before. Think Splatterhouse with light guns and broken English. Ultra punk and gory. Requires amphetamine to complete. Loved it.