Indie Games Reviews 37– 09/29/2023

Mimic by PuKo –

This short, lo-poly 3D domestic horror first blew me away with its beautifully edited beginning credit. It maintained that impression with a plot that reminded me of Thomas Ligotti’s The Frolic. The cream of the crop of the genre in recent months.

Potokk by xorqu – 

This gem of enigmatic architecture and postapocalyptic gnosis is the most recent creation of xorqu, a creator I strongly recommend you follow. The kind of experience that feels forbidden.

Late Night TV by GooseStranger –

This title offers a special type of malaise provoked by an assumed lack of seriousness that ends up being perversely terrifying.

Luna Obscura by Warsaw GEORGE (Bornato) –

The highly efficient use of 1-BIT and color variations provoke an atmosphere of paranoia and wonderment, enormously helped by the incredible synth soundtrack.

Carcosa by starsblackanddim –

This is a beautiful interpretation of Robert W. Chambers’s work in Bitsy. The fact it’s the creator’s first attempt with Bitsy is all the more impressive.

Maggot Feast by Fangsoft –

Something about the charming naivete of this love story and the rotting aroma emanating from the 2D pixel art absolutely clicked for me. Maybe it will click for you too.

Crypt Underworld: The End of History by Lilith Zone –

I admit I don’t have the time or energy to lose brain cells back in the Cryptworld trying to complete it. But if you have never played Cryptworld, do yourself a favor and jump on this reimagining/sequel mindfuck asap.

Museum of Monoliths by Podoba Interactive –

Interactive dark ambient industrial. If you enjoy that kind of soundscape, do get lost in the bedlam of the end of humanity.

Maze by Nichita Ciuprin –

1- It accelerates your cardiac rhythm. 2- Banging hardtech. 3- Aggressive run and gunplay. 4- It’s free to play, so do yourself a favor and try this ultra-hard cyberpunk feast.

Beasts of Burden by Keirdan Jenson, Ram99–

The simple fact another game’s fake creepypasta ads inspired this game is enough for it to be worth your while.


Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun (PC)– The guns are incredibly satisfying. That’s the only positive I can find. Repetitive, confusing, overhyped. Why play that when Prodeus exists?

Gungrave G.O.R.E. (PC) – The negative reviews are beyond me. This is a Gungrave game, following the Gungrave formula and tuning it at 11. Ultra brutal, crunchy, and overtly weeby.

Beast Busters (Pandora) is another lightgun pixel art masterpiece with gratuitous gore and vomit-inducing motion.

Dragon Gun (Pandora) – Same as Beast Busters, but even more abusive on the visual effects. The second level boss 2.5d motion is an absolute masterpiece of experimental cinema.