March – Monthly Report


I’ve spent most of March trying to achieve a specific effect for Drug Porn. The solution was a crawling sentient maze I needed to repeat for every 5 minutes of footage. Time-consuming, volatile and requiring focus and a good dose of luck, which in mercury retrograde isn’t a reasonable request. But, it is working, and it’s now complete after countless hours of madness-inducing troubleshooting.

Lots of other conspiracies are crystallizing also. I’m sowing poisonous seeds and I can’t wait to reap the landmines. This image is a small hint of what’s coming up:


An article I wrote a few months ago on glitch horror in video games was published this month in the winter 2018 edition of the French-Quebec magazine Spirale. Titled “Le glitch comme mécanique de terreur” / “Glitch as a terror mechanic”, it’s a first step forward putting in words my obsession towards glitch and how, on a personal level, it goes beyond the technical to the spiritual and the subversive.29062523_10157176486228272_8316677210576519168_n

Can’t say more than this. I’m working on abstraction or hustling to secure future projects. Otherwise, plowing through the Southern Reach trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer, now at the final pages of Acceptance. I got this huge tower of books which stands judging, casting its menacing shadow upon me every morning. The last episode of Channel Zero Season 3 blew my mind, absolutely perfect, redeeming what I thought was a lukewarm season with sporadic good ideas.  I really enjoyed this indie game titled The Nothing, an amazing rogue-like with crazy visuals. Waiting to get my hands on Hylics 2 later this year. Listened a lot to Master’s Hammer Fascinator, Gnaw Their Tongues Genocidal Majesty, and the new SurgeryHead EP. New tracks by Caveman Cult and Jyotisavedanga are making me hypersalivates.

I also wish to pray for Saint-Herzberg, the first martyr of the AI paradigm shift, slain by a self-driving Uber car in Arizona on March 18th.

Self-note: I should go out more often. I’m seeing things moving in the corners of my eyes.